A Bibliographic Reference Extraction System

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BReXSys: A Bibliographic Reference Extraction System

BReXSys is an end-to-end system, for bibliographic reference extraction from scientific publications. It is capable of handling diverse input types i.e., scanned images, PDF (scanned and born-digital), text files, HTML, and structured XML. To support these diverse input types, BReXSys is equipped with different reference extraction methods which range from simple ParsCit based method to complex end-to-end layout driven deep learning-based method. BReXSys is highly configurable and can be configured to use any of these methods in isolation as well as in the form of fusion. The fusion helps to mitigate the limitations of different methods and take advantage of the strengths of the other method while using methods in isolation helps in getting more insight into individual methods. This web-based friendly user interface of BReXSys enables everyone to use this range of methods.

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How it works?


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